Austpost is used for all shipping items

satchel size small maximum contains 250g on average you can easily add 5 items for the one shipping cost

I normally send within 24 hours of payment unless there is a weather event eg: flooding then it will leave as soon as i can get to the post office box I also message so you are not wondering  what is happening


Paypal is the main payment method  I can do DD for Australian Customers only if prefered


What it means is that the item has just been sold – it may have read 1 in stock but someone else was shopping at the same time as you, If they placed in their cart it is still not considered “out of stock” until payment has been made there is a little time delay between computers talking to each other, so you may have been allowed to place it in your cart but once you reach check out it will not allow the purchase to go thru if it has already been paid for.  If your having an issue like this. clear your cart and go back to shopping you will then find the item that has been stopping you from proceeding.

If shopping on an ipad or iphone will also have issues you will need to use a  computer  I don’t pay for secure site due to no payments are kept on the site your information is kept with paypal.

If you press add to cart and not sure if it did add the item and you press it again you will get a pop up box saying it cannot add it. most items are set to only allow one of the item per customer order since there is only one available. If you are unsure you can check what you have in cart by going onto the menu bar at the top and pressing cart


refunds are given if the product is deemed faulty  only (holes or unfinished, poor sewing are considered faulty).


I cannot tell you if the outfit will fit your doll as each doll maker creates differently, some ARTISTS make the body so proportions will vary, some buy the body, some over stuff the body. If its a sculpt again this varies per artist. Telling me the one you have or taking a photo will not help me, you will need to measure the doll intended.

I do make the outfits with a little give to the standard doll measurement to allow for the variations of size, so I may say it fits 6/7 inch but often will still fit up to an 8 inch, depending on the doll and if you like a snug fit or the oversize look.

Having a doll that is 16 inch doesn’t mean it will fit 16 inch doll outfits  again it depends on the doll and artist. some sculptures make chubbier babies and others make petite but they both can be classed as the same size as they are measured by length only

Standard in doll making is measuring a doll from head to heel  so many dolls can measure the same this way but be extremely different in the close

The best I can do to help you see if the item will fit is to check the product images i supply the models measurements


Prices vary depending on the products used to create the item

I often use limited Edition printed fabrics  these are more expensive and often are pre ordered and wait 6 to 8 weeks for them to be available this means there is limited amount of outfits made in that print. it is unlikely to find another doll clothing maker with these prints.

A lot of my fiber/wool/cotton are imported in to be able to produce unique items.

cost and shipping can vary for me to get the items so it is then worked out into the cost of the finished item hence i can have an older stock item similar but less price then a  new item or visa versa